Benitez's Rotation Policy

Benitez just does not get it!!! Continuously chopping and changing a squad that's supposed to be challenging for the title shows just how he fails to understand the English mentality when it comes to football.

Squad rotation is necessary these days, especially for the so-called 'big' teams, but must be used with caution. Both AC Milan and Chelsea have rotated well in the last few years mainly because they do not always rest their key players, especially their central defenders and midfielders. Under Ranieri, Chelsea chopped and changed like Benitez on Prozac and suffered accordingly. Ditto Ferguson the last few years.

There's rarely an easy game in the premiership either-small sides want to beat liverpool; it's a major game for them so FFS, keep your spine steady, and stop playing Gerrard everywhere. Versatility is one thing, but what about continuity?

1. Decide on your tactics-keep to 2 major ones and stick to them.
2. Settle on your central defensive combination and stop rotating Hyppia and Agger.
3. Decide once and for all about Sissoko, Alonso and Gerrard in a 4 man midfield. At least have Gerrard playing in 2 positions, centre or ONE OF left or right. Having him play 3 is killing the poor bastard. It's hard to mentally prepare.
4. Mix and match the attack based on the midfield. If we play 5 then a target man will do, if we stick with 4 and have quick wingers then drop bellamy and have him coming on as a quick, 100% effort impact player. If we have a fairly static midfield, start Bellamy with one of the other 3.
5. Decide what you want out of Luis Garcia-like Gerrard his versatility is like a noose around his neck.

Start prioritising the league, not the cups!!! 16 years is long enough. Stop blaming referees and attacking Bolton's tactics. Take a good look at yourself first. A great coach no doubt, but a re-think in approach is in order.


  1. *off topic*

    Bah, history repeats itself.

    England 0-0 Macedonia.

    England odds 1.08, banyak orang mati bah.

  2. ya sia tau-2002 2-2 draw 1.08 david seaman palui...sia hilang A$4000!!!! Tidak pernah sia bet lagi....