Liverpool v Blackburn

Damn!!! Yet more points dropped. I can hardly blame Benitez though as he played close to my idea of the best 11 given injuries. We're still shaky at the back and also, not to make excuses, but sometimes things aren't falling our way.

Still with Gerrard back to the centre this was a match that had to be won, but he was rather quiet, and with Pennant still under-performing and Aurelio yet to truly convince Balckburn only really came under the kosh in the second half. Replacing Pennant with Garcia was expected but I was surprised Aurelio did not come off late on for Gonzalez as an attacking switch but perhaps given how well Blackburn played Benitez was a bit worried about losing all 3 points from a counter-attack. Also at that time, he had switched Risse (our best player I thought)to left midfield with Aurelio moving back. Still, would have been good to have gone for it-who cares about dropping a point when we try to win it at home against a team that should not unduly worry us in the table after 38 rounds? Surely keeping in touch with the other teams at the top requires going for it rather than playing things to safe.

Would also have been good if Fowler was on the bench-he still knows where the back of the net is. Overall, the 2nd half was very good, but we need to perform well over 90 minutes. Next week its Old Trafford and I'm not to optimistic, though surely things have to come together sooner rather than later?


  1. kaulah hero...next week liverpool gerenti manang!!!