Arsenal v Liverpool...Bloody Hell!!!

A 3-0 loss...just where do we go from here? We can't go much lower surely? Didn't watch the match (kickoff 2am Monday so work beckoned) but I saw the highlights show and read the reports. Did not seem as bad as the shocking MU performance thankfully.
I won't atatck Benitez really. In the past few matches he's minimised the rotation system and shown a willingness to listen to others, if not publicly then at least by his selections.

A 4-4-2 against Arsenal was a positive move. It showed a willingness and a belief to go for broke, which we have to if we are to make a most unlikely challenge, one definitely gone now. Sissoko would have been indispensible for this match given the collective lack of pace of Carragher and Hyppia and his injury is not Benitez's fault. I only question playing Zenden rather than Gerrard in the centre not because I don't think Zenden's up to it but because 2 years ago Gerrard and Alonso did make quite a good combination in the centre and I would have been willing to take the chance that Pennant would have been fired up to play well on the right against his former side.

The goals conceded was poor. All 3 were defensive errors and for the 1st 2 that's the players collective fault; the 3rd harks to Benitez's zonal marking system, which surely has been studied ad nauseum by the opposition.

I was happy to read Benitez say that he's going to concentrate on the Boro game-that's right; just move on. I was not so happy to see his post-match interview on the highlights show. It reminded me of 'Comical Ali,' Saddam's Information Minister during the 2nd Gulf war. Very selective indeed...

We've played away and lost to our 4 nemesis-Everton, MU, the Gunners and Chelsea plus a very tough Bolton. Done and dusted. Can't possibly be any harder than that. Don't feel sad and sorry. Don't make excuses. We must finish 4th, no less, so let's not over-analyse and just play some good and tough football away from home.


  1. vinnie12:34 pm

    how coincidence, we have already played against our 4 main rivals away from home within 12 games.

    is it possible to repeat last season's feat of 12 games unbeaten run from now on? or make it twice as much, that means we wont be lossing any game from now on :D

    i know i'm dreaming

  2. A good run is not out of the question. Under Benitez, we've always done well in the 2nd half of the season, and Spurs apart, we'll not play any real 'tough' teams away from home again this season. 4th is ours, only because the teams who can feasibly challenge are just as inconsistent (Bolton, Spurs, Everton, Blackburn). Only Villa if they can add depth to their squad might challenge. Still, the Boro game will be enlightening-they already beat Chelsea there 2 seasons running, and MU and Arsenal last season.

  3. Si Bajau2:39 am

    dream on la...

    liverpool aint finishing fourth...and if they do, ill buy both u clowns a jug each of tooheys...

  4. ngam ba kau, parv. betul betul sayang orang tu tidak timbak dia ari tu


  5. It's ok Vincent, if we aren't finishing 4th, that means we're finishing higher, and you can quote me on that-if we finish 5th or worse, I'll personally buy Shaz 10 jugs of Tooheys.

    Our home form alone will get us there, and surely we'll start winning a few away.

    You must understand MU fans getting carried away by their surprising RUN OF GOOD FORM. When Giggs, Scholes and Saha get injured, watch Chelsea run away with it...maybe next season when their youngsters get a year older and wiser, but not just yet.