Arsenal - The Worst of All EPL Sore Losers?

Now, in recent years, Chelsea and Arsenal have gone through seasons where they rarely lose, and a bit earlier MU. All 3 have shown a certain lack of class when they have occasionally lost (though not always). Now, those might be wondering why I fail to attack Liverpool-nothing to do with bias; we simply lose too many matches to suddenly be surprised at defeat (except against Bolton; Benitez always feels we get robbed against them....). Just not good enough-there's a consistent big 3, not a cosistent big 4. We only sometimes make it a big 4, sometimes not.

Keano-led MU were probably they quickest to get over things and somewhat admit their shortcomings, and indeed their rage subsides very quickly. These days they are a very good example of a top team that plays and loses (when they bother losing, the bastards) with class. Chelsea have been worse, but they do put their hand up occasionally, like how Mourinho did yesterday.

But the Wenger-led Arsenal are shameless. It's always someone elses fault. Rooney dived (nevermind that they lost by 2 goals and have dived plenty themselves), Barcelona were lucky the referee was biased (good one Thierry!!!), Everton, Boro and Villa just don't want to play football (well, draws but as good as losses). Nevermind finishing that would make Ade Akinbiyi blush...Yesterday they raged about the West Ham defeat after the final whistle. Were they unlucky? Yes. Were they denied a clear penalty? Yes. Should they be angry? Yes. Happens to every team; do they all pout, weep and cry? No. Everton (against Fulham) 24 hours earlier were probably even unluckier. But they walked off the pitch heads held up high.

Arsenal just walk off looking like arses...

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