Sissoko's Injury - Manna from Heaven?

Now that it has been confirmed that Sissoko is out for 3 months, we might finally see a different Liverpool. Mind you, I'm not celebrating; he is a useful player, but now, Benitez surely has to play Gerrard in the centre. We pray Pennant finally comes good. Then again, perhaps the under-utilised Zenden will get more time in the centre with Gerrard on the right; as long as it's not the norm, I don't worry about that.

I wonder if the run of victories at home and Birmingham away (with many reserves) meant that confidence was high and Benitez's insistence of playing Gerrard on the right with Sissoko in the centre was starting to bear fruit. We wouldn't have known till a few more away matches were played, and now we will not know at all. Also, all the people demanding Gerrard play in the centre will get their wish. If anything, this means a more attacking Liverpool so even if our away form remains patchy, at least we'll be losing with more style!

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