Liverpool V Chelsea - well, well, well!!!!

After a month's holiday, I get to finally watch a full match without interruption-and well, it's a happy return for me!!! I really don't know how good we were because Chelsea was so poor but surely we did more right than wrong. The line-up was as I expected, with Agger finally being preferred to Hyppia for games against tough opposition due to his and Carragher's collective lack of pace. My only query was Bellamy's pace being kept on the bench in favour of two players while not slow, aren't quick either. But they combined well throughout, Kuyt and Crouch.

This piece is really more about Chelsea than Liverpool because their performance was so out of character. Any team can have a bad match, but Chelsea's lack of fight and low morale was so unlike them. It was almost as if they were resigned to defeat. At 2-0 down they played to keep the score down rather than go for a draw or win, and that says it all really. They really have big problems, and Mourinho can finally show what he's made of now he's facing a problem he has never had before; a crisis at a top club. Ballack and Lampard were truly awful and only Drogba showed his true spirit. still, I was never confident until Drogba nutmegged Ballack for that atrocious set-piece move!

It's always dangerous having a sugar-daddy running a club. if indeed Abramovich has been playing Championship Manager and now thinks he knows better than Mourinho then Chelsea will be in some strife. I always thought they should forget the league anyway and go for the Champions League and if MU win tonight I won't be surprised to see Mourinho do just that.

Interesting times for the evil empire...


  1. has rowan talked to u since then? hehe...you'll never blog alone!

  2. he will if we lose to west ham next, especially if lucas neill scores the winner!!!