The Long Limp Home to Success....

Which one of the defensively diseased evil empires - Chelsea or MU - will limp home to win the league title?

Methinks MU because they have decided to outscore the opposition in the face of having to play Wes Brown, Fletcher and occasionally Kieran Richardson. More often than not, it's enough in the league (bet Milan cannot wait to kill Wes Brown though...).

Chelsea's poor showing against Newcastle suggests to me a team that struggles to get out of a safety first mentality. The attacking players are all there, but Mourinho's tactics in the face of a crippled (central) defence is to protect it, not attack the opposition and keep the ball in their half of the field. Against Newcastle, when they knew a win would take them to within a point of MU, Mourinho attacked too late and they dropped 2 points. A safe tactic might well work if Chelsea were 3 points ahead, but at this juncture a few more risk taking decisions might be in order. Did Mourinho get it wrong or is he confident MU is going to drop more points along the way?

He might well be over-confident what with Chelsea still to play Arsenal. A Chelsea win over MU might still then not be enough. The Newcastle match was a huge opportunity gone begging-I really couldn't believe Chelsea's performance...

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