Premier league is Back!!

And so are my half-arsed opinions, foregone the last few months due to a combination of work, laziness, and no English football....

Looks like a good start to the season vis-a-vis attacking football. Judging after 1 round, at least both Liverpool and Chelsea will attack this season, making the top 4 very watchable sides. Spurs will continue to infuriate, and the battle at the bottom will be very watachable I think, because Keano led Sunderland can play a bit, Derby look like a side that can pass the ball around (if Giles Barnes stays put and fit with Howard winning the high balls in the opposition box), and Steve Bruce would have learnt a lot about Birmingham's last relegation. They already look like they can score. Fulham's strengthened, but is it a strong Championship side? Boro always look to struggle but eventually stay up. Interesting to see how Wigan goes but their demise is probably set in stone given that they got good old Titus Bramble signed.

My predictions:

1. MU
2. Chelsea (African Nations Cup will kill them)
3. Liverpool (but only just behind the other 2 clowns)
4. Arsenal (also running very close)
5. Spurs (a distant 5th)
6. Newcastle (fit Owen and Fat Sam will propel them to a UEFA Cup spot)
7. Blackburn (very solid, I'm assuming they get knocked out early in the UEFA Cup)
8. Villa
9. Everton (good UEFA Cup run will take its toll)
10. Man City (Eriksson's no goose)
11. Portsmouth (can't defend as well as they did last season surely)
12. West Ham (after Curbishley gets sacked they'll get on a fine run)
13. Bolton (difficult season ahead)
14. Reading (can't buy players)
15. Sunderland (Keano's a bastard, but looking the goods)
16. Boro (Gibson bails them out yet again with his dosh)
17. Fulham (Healy and McBride with Niemi in goals will keep them up)
18. Birmingham (should be Boro but I think they'll stay up, by hook or by crook)
19. Derby (Steve Howard to keep them going till the bitter end)
20. Wigan (time's up with Heskey up front and Bramble at the back)

Best Players This Season By Club:
MU-Hardgreaves is all class-Canadians can play too!!!
Liverpool-Gerrard in the centre will be hard to stop
Arsenal-Adebayor will step up to the plate
Spurs-Lennon's injury already shows how important he is to the team
Newcastle-a fit Owen
Blackburn-Ryan Nelson at the back
Villa-Agbonlahor to take the step up
Everton-Arteta, as usual....
Man City-tough one, don't know half of them but that Elano looks real class
Portsmouth-finally consistent, David James will edge out Gary O'Neil
West Ham-huge season for Scott Parker and Dean Ashton. The former will succeed.
Bolton-Anelka if he does not sulk, who else?
Reading-Kevin Doyle must step up once again. Lita's strikes me as an idiot.
Sunderland-big season for Craig Brown
Boro-Downing cares and will do well.
Fulham-if he's fit-Antti Niemi
Birmingham-after watching just 1 match, Olivier Kapo looks the goods.
Derby-Steve Howard
Wigan-a very busy Chris Kirkland


  1. Ur prediction who will be the champions is fairlah.....tapi i wouldnt count Liverpool out of contention.....tapi top 4 memang sdh tatap punya!! But i hope ur prediction is wrong...n in the end of the day....the REDS will be the CHAMPION!! hehehehe....ko ndak balik KK kah ni tahun??

  2. of course I hope I'm wrong-airasia flying to the Gold Coast-no more excuses for you!!! Backlah as ususl...

  3. Cgreen12:09 am

    Here's some predictions

    1. Chelsea
    2. MU
    3. Liverpool
    4. Newcastle
    5. Everton
    6. Man City
    7. Arsenal (no goals)
    8. Blackburn
    9. Tottenham (No Width, no fit defenders - the end of Jol)
    10. Portsmouth
    11. Aston Villa
    12. West Ham
    13. Reading
    14. Sunderland
    15. Fulham
    16. Boro
    17. Bolton (rough year ahead)
    18. Birmingham
    19. Wigan
    20. Derby

    Oh and Morecambe to win the Carling Cup, Steve McClaren sacked by Christmas.

  4. I must get at least rowan to join in-seems like my plan to have a few more people pitch in has fallen on deaf ears. Spurs will be just fine once Lennon and at least Dawson come back in.