Canadian Meddling in Australia's Domestic Politics?!

WTF...???!!! Aren't these people too busy clubbing baby seals to death and persuading people on foreign trains that despite popular opinion, it is Americans who speak like Canadians, and not the other way around...?

Have they suddenly picked up a trait of their southern neighbour, and decided to tell other countries how to run their affairs? Well, probably not, but Canadian PM Harper ended up falling slam bang in the middle of our phoney election campaigning. So poor old Harper finds himself hanging around Canberra after the APEC meeting to give a speech to the Australian parliament just when good old Ausie PM Little Rodent Johnny Howard is fighting his own conservative colleagues about his and his parties political future.

And so we go to the press conference where Harper and Howard answer 2 questions each from the journalists from both countries. Howard is immediately bombarded about his future and Harper perhaps feeling left out (apparently no journo cares about Aussie-Canadian relations) decides to defend his conservative colleague (or mentor as he called him...good God Canada, lock up your daughters....) and says the great citizens of Australia should not risk the future by jumping ship when things are going so swimmingly well. WTF...? Even good old Dubya refrained from backing Howard in such terms and there are the best of friends!!!

Perhaps Harper owes Howard something hidden in some dark corner somewhere because the recently released UN declaration on indigenous rights has not been accepted by a number of countries including Australia, NZ, US and Canada (see the connection between white colonisation, suppression of the indigenous community and continued denials of the truth here...?). The thing is Canada was initially supportive of it (in its draft form at least) and changed its mind after extensive lobbying from the Australian government.

Maybe it is good old Australia meddling in Canadian affairs then...? Back to the seals boys, I have a few shrimps to put on the barbie before I grab a ride on my kangaroo to work...


  1. John Humphreys11:23 am

    "suppression of the indigenous community"?? Pull your head in muppet-boy. Once the imperialist Indians & Chinese stop their exploitation of the indigenous Malays and Orang Ali then I'll take you seriously. Alah akbar.

    The UN declarations of human rights is a joke. Some of the supposed "rights" already contradict each other. Why add to the mess by talking about indigenous rights (as though indigenous people aren't already humans and therefore covered by human rights).

    But then I would say that. Presumably my opinion is void because I have the wrong race, sex, sexuality and class. Mea culpa. Mea culpa. ;p

  2. Get off your high horse jackass-I'd expect something a bit more in-depth from a so-called politician. If you want to make a point, make it, do not put words in my mouth. When did I say anything about oppression elsewhere? You're very good at trying to change an argument to your advantage but that doesn't wash with me. I wasn't talking about Malaysia. You make it seem I am comparing Malaysia with Australia-I'm not. I'm talking about Canada and Australia and the past (and for Australia, continuing) treatment of their indigenous communities. Very Howard-esque mate, trying to move the argument onto a different plain...

    Stick to the facts, don't make them up as you go along (yeah, Malays are being exploited by Indians in M'sia-Jesus, been smoking something other than tobacco again, have we?).

    When did I say a white man can't have a valid opinion of this because of his racial background? You're an idiot sometimes, and this is one such occasion. You added nothing to the debate, but why does that not surprise me? Just more gas emitted into our atmosphere....

    Feel free to say something useful, but sometimes it's better to keep your counsel when you aren't sure what you're talking about.