The Counter-Revolution Begins!

The Sultan of Perak appoints a PAS man to be Menteri Besar of Perak-they have 6 seats, PKR 7 and DAP 18! Admittedly it was always going to be safe to appoint a Malay Muslim and all 3 parties did agree to abide by his decision but surely this was just talk-surely everyone thought the MB would come from PKR, a coalition partner of DAP and PAS. DAP & PAS do not actually form part of a coalition. What is the Sultan up to? Is he playing politics and purposely wants to weaken the new state government, or has he just made a mistake? The mistake was PKR & DAP agreeing to abide by his decision-they should have just decided among themselves to get a PKR MB. They have been outmanouvred-at least Perak DAP did not boycott the swearing-in (or we'll see - it's in a few hours) as Lim Kit Siang has demanded. Already MCA is making noises, saying the electorate has been cheated-it is hard to argue with them-voters who voted for DAP & PKR certainly would not have favoured a PAS MB.

Now Badawi has told Lim Guan Eng (CM of Penang) not to play with fire by abandoning the New Economic Policy (NEP); unbelievably for me, PAS has now stated it would like to see the 'positive' aspects of the NEP kept-just what does business does an Islamic party have supporting race-base economic models? Is it not haram?

Early days but the hard yards start now-Perak is a big problem, and the NEP issue must be led by PKR. DAP needs to take a back seat here. Realpolitik must take its course. I strongly believe in affirmative action-but let it be based on wealth-if indeed all bumiputeras are poor and all non-bumiputeras are not, then there's no need for the former to be worried-speaking of which, plenty bumiputeras voted for the PKR which would do away with the NEP anyway (or so they say)....interesting days ahead!


  1. vinnie10:13 pm

    bah, lots of drama before it even kicked off! lol

  2. vinnie10:36 pm

    hav u seen champions league draw? liverpool might lock horns with chelsea again in semis if they can overcome the arsenal hurdle

    as well as man u v roma showdown again