Kosovo Comes Home to Roost

I noted months ago that the West's hypocrisy over Kosovo will lead to trouble, and so it is that we see a battle developing between Georgia and Russia. Russia's response to Georgia's wish for re-unification with South Ossetia (and ultimately Abkhazia) cannot be separated from the Kosovo issue. Yet neither protagonists, or the EU or the USA dare mention the word Kosovo. The hypocrisy of all parties is breathtaking.

I take the view that it is better to co-exist than to separate into different states, but if one is to be subjugated as a 2nd class citizen, then I sympathise with the route to separation (if I don't necessarily agree it should occur except as a last resort).

Kosovars are adamant they want nothing to do with Serbia-the West agrees and agrees to independence much to Serbian and Russian annoyance. Russia warned of 'repercussions.' But this western stance was not uniform. First, the west noted that this was a 'one-off.' Why? Because the primacy of the nation-state; the sovereignty of a nation-state is sacrosant in the Westpahlian world order in which we still live, depsite the ravages of globalisation to such sovereignty. Second, the western response was not uniform-nation states with separatist issues such as Spain and Turkey did not recognise Kosovo. For Turks this must be particularly galling, being unable to recognise their cultural allies for obvious domestic political reasons.

I did not hear those countries who fought for their freedoms necessarily cheer Kosovan freedom-Georgia was quiet was it not, lest South Ossetians and Abkhazians get ideas above their stations.

I have often wondered about the hypocrisy of nations; in particular how quick the European colonialists were to re-occupy Asia and Africa Post-WWII. Did the yolk of foreign occupation not teach them anything?

So it is that I have precious little sympathy for the Georgian government which for all its talk of freedom wishes to subjugate the people of South Ossetia and Abkhazia into Georgia. If I am not mistaken these areas are undisputed Georgian territories by international law, but it is inhabited by people who wish to have nothing to do with Georgia. Surely what is good for the goose is also good for the gander? It may well be the case that Russia was simply waiting for a reason to avenge the Kosovo debacle and bloody NATO's nose in the Caucasus but Georgia's headlong fall into Russia's well-crafted plan was obvious quite some time ago. The strategic miscalculation of the Georgian government was massive. Just what were they thinking? That the US and NATO would back them? That Russia would do nothing to retaliate in what they consider to be their backyard (nevermind international law-it is power I am talking about here).

Russia has not mentioned Kosovo as it deems that nation-state sovereignty cannot be compromised-in this manner it cannot claim South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and I fail to see how it can recognise their independence without Georgia agreeing to it (though they just might). Most likely they will remain de facto autonomous regions of RUSSIA, NOT GEORGIA (as they have been for years now). Any chance of reunification left with Georgia's attack on South Ossetia much as the Argentina's attack on the Falklands means reunification there will never occur either.

Russia means business behaving like Hitler in the 1930s while the west dithers. Not that Georgia deserves much sympathy by their actions.

So back to Kosovo-questions will be asked why South Ossetia and Abkhazia cannot be independent seeing that Georgia attacked South Ossetia. Parallels to Serbia's attack on Kosovo. Yes, why not?

Answers on a postcard please.

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  1. John Humphreys1:18 am

    I agree with you. I was in Russia recently and had a few drunken "discussions" about this with some russians. I told them I agreed with them regarding Kosovo. And then I pointed out the logical consequence was to support Georgia against Sth Ossetia.

    They resorted to "but... but... America is evil". Which I found underwhelming.