Topple This Disgraceful Government!

There comes a time when decisions have to be made and set in stone; when battle lines are drawn. Today (or last night rather) such lines have been drawn. Malaysia's version of the phoney war is over; and the fascists in charge of the government have launched their blitzkrieg. They must be opposed, but opposed peacefully. Violent protests will only play into their hands, and they have shown in the past their predilection to resort to violence. A violent opposition cannot win.

It is time for people like myself, forever suspicious and half-hearted towards Anwar Ibrahim and certain other members of the Pakatan Rakyat to link up with them in broad opposition to the bastardisation of Malaysia. This is no time for what now seem like petty squabbles or insignificant distractions. The enemy is clear-it is the fascist, racist, morally and ethically corrupt UMNO. This party must be distinguished from the face of the planet in its current form. I fail to see how even moderates like Tengku Razaleigh can now save UMNO from itself.

The sheer abuse of the New Economic Policy to enrich the umnoputeras, and the zeal to which they will defend their cash cow means this is now a battle to the bitter end. They have dug in to battle-our response should not be to flee. Stand our ground. Of course we must choose our battles wisely, but sometimes battles choose us. If we run we lose our freedoms. The country will become even more beholden to these fascist dogs; this country will be ruined.

Remember the stirring words of (Mexican freedom fighter) Emiliano Zapata: 'It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.'

In such troubling times-such quotes come to life. Oppose UMNO, oppose the fascist dogs, and in the aftermath of our success, do not seek revenge. 'Forgive, but do not forget.' If we fail to do the former, we'll end up like them. If we fail to do the latter, we are consigned to repeating history.

Remember, this is no time to be Malay, Chinese Indian, Sabahan or Sarawakian. That is exactly what these fascist dogs want us to feel. This is time to save Malaysia.

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