The Calls for Benitez's Head

Well, the call for the 'fat Spanish waiter's head' have begun. A bit earlier than I expected, but a sign of grave disappointment among fans, after the Houllier era false dawn. Is it too early, or about time he goes?

The problem with replacing coaches is that we'll never know how they would have done had they stayed on. It becomes a moot point. Replacing a coach almost always brings about immediate improved results, but is certainly not always sustainable as the core issues are hard to deal with in the short and medium term. Liverpool is a place where coaches are given time, and Benitez is lucky in that regard.

It is said that Red Nose Ferguson (Sir my f*cking foot...) was only a match away from getting the sack after a few years of only achieving cup successes, but he managed to hold on and look at the scum now-a wonderful team still, overshadowed only by Abramovich's $$$ and Mourinho's brilliance.

Houllier was replaced after 6 years, where cup successes were aplenty. I certainly called for his head early, after a shocking match against Sheffield United in the League Cup finally saw me throw a tantrum, hitting my sofa at about 6am a few years back. I was immediately attacked by those 'true fans' who would also have been the first to volunteer for the SS had they been of age in Germany in 1933. But ultimately go he did, after he was given more than enough time. The fact is, the days of immediate success these days breed shorter time-frames to get things right. Had red nose taken over MU in 1996 rather than 1986 when football was different he would almost certainly have been sacked after not winning the league after 5 years. Houllier got 6.

These days not winning titles or qualifying for the CL leads to huge financial losses and coaches are now CEOs. Fail to produce the stated goal and the shareholders vote you out, irrespective of the reasons why the goals were unachievable. It doesn't matter if it was due to matters outside the coaches control. This Benitez must quickly understand. He cannot just be a coach, but a publicist as well. He needs to persuade/con/lie to/explain why he should be given time. He needs to win the media and propaganda war to be allowed to get more time to work his magic/witchcraft. Parry already showed he is patient but even he pulled the plug on Houllier. Will he be as patient this time around?

Personally I think he should be free of pressure till season's end, and then we need to review the situation. The league is gone, but if indeed the team he's building now shows it can win next season by the end of this season he must be applauded for standing his ground. I think he's not the right guy to get us there, but must be given every reasonable chance to show what he is made of. Will he get that chance?

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