Liverpool V Aston Villa

Well, a rousing 3-1 victory by all accounts. Wasn't shown on Foxtel so I'll have to rely on Soccernet and Football365's report. Good to see Benitez dump the rotation system for now (I hope). Unfortunately we again conceded which is very worrying. However, I wonder how much can be read into this victory given that our home form is not the worry. Ours is currently a Jeckyll and Hyde outfit; brilliant at home, pathetic away.

I think nothing can be read into this result. Just as the gloom descended a few days ago, the rainbow is apparently out today. What a fickle world we live in. Those who think Benitez has answered his critics are crazy, because part of the reason for the good victory had to be due to the stinging criticism of the past few days. The critics played their part in this improved performance and plus our usual good home form, Benitez hasn't answered anyone just as yet.


  1. vinnie1:59 pm

    brilliant at home, pathetic away

    indeed. according to the table, liverpool's home record is the best compared to other teams so far. tied with MU on goal difference but we score one goal moar. away, pfft...i dont wana talk about it either

  2. You young people are still full of hope nd optimism...such innocence fills my heart with pity. One day, just like me, you will refuse to look at the table at all.

  3. optimism? i've written off liverpool long time ago. if that's what ur trying to say :D

    anyway, i still hav a lot to learn. been playing and watching football blindly for the past 10 years. 1 thing i'm sure is liverpool's performance isn't convincing at all so far

  4. true, true....win one day, lose the next. Nothing's changed since the Roy Evans era league results wise, but the Spice Boys are gone!!