Barcelona v Chelsea - A Disgrace of a Game

Anyone not a Barca or Chelsea fan (and probably them too) must have been embarrassed at what transpired as an excuse for a football match early this morning. What a disgrace watching multi-millionaires cheating, diving, and whingeing at every given opportunity. As early as the 3rd minute we have Cashley Cole diving, and near the end I thought Terry should have been applauded for kicking the ball at Deco rather than been booked after his 'fall' from a Ballack 'tackle'.

Fantastic players and all we witnessed was petulant behaviour-what a joke!!! I'm sure the ref will be blamed by all and sundry (the coaches already have) but what can he do when everyone around him have no intentions of playing fair? Messi already made clear of that when he said players will do everything to win, and it's up to refs to police that. The real culprits are Rijkaard and Mourinho - and both teams should be kicked out of the competition just for being jackasses. if that's football, god help us all.

Mind you, 4 great goals when both sides bothered to play football, and I thought a very fair result at the end of the day. The only postive from this is that surely Barca v Werder Bremen will be a clasisc encounter between 2 sides that can play wonderful football. I hope it doesn't end up like this disgraceful match though.

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