Liverpool v Bordeaux - Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man?

No, not Gerrard, but the Fat Spanish Waiter. Finally, an unchanged squad!!! He might say he is not changing his philosophy, and some of his blind supporters will say his critics are not real fans, but surely his actions speak louder than his words now.

Actually, he played close to his best squad against MU though not playing Crouch when utilising just one striker was puzzling, and the players must take their share of the blame for that pathetic performance. The change since should not be overstated-3 straight wins at home to Reading in the League Cup, a Villan side that has looked like losing for 2 or 3 matches now, and a Bordeaux outfit struggling in their league and yet to score in the CL. Plus, we almost always win at home anyway. The issue is our away form, and whether that has been addressed remains to be seen.

Still, three straight wins and a Gerrard goal does at the very least engender confidence, which is perhaps all that we have been lacking, if you are an optimist. It does seem like the season might finally get off the ground now though-hopefully it's not a false dawn. Congratulations to Benitez for doing what's right-rotating can come back (tinkering at the edges only please!!) when the team is flying again. Then again, what odds that he makes 5 changes for the league match on the weekend?

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