Liverpool v Man City

A 3-5-2 start for a team shorn of midfielders and left backs wasn't a bad move I thought, but Man City's 5-4-1 dealt very well with it, and looked nothing like a side with an away record worse than ours. I have defended Zenden before but I must say he does look underdone-a few more matches and I've no doubt his quality will shine through though. I'm not sure Garcia was 100% fit but he was a bit up and down, though his magic is what we need so he must always play a part in every match at the moment. We did look short of ideas but at the end of the day Gerrard made the difference from the centre of the park.

Benitez has to keep him there-surely he realises that now. Of course yesterday he accommodated Gerrard's perceived lack of defensive cover by playing 5 in midfield, but whatever the case he must for now start in the centre.

Portsmouth at home next-a good side with a brilliant coach and if we continue to sputter as we have been lately I fancy a draw but hopefully a couple of players will return to fitness. At home we are a quality side, though we do seem too one-dimensional at the moment.

On another note, I think Man City will do just fine this season-their team is solid without being spectacular and Barton is a hell of a player to have in the centre.

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