Middlesborough V Liverpool - Oh Dear...

A match neither party really deserved to win though we did have the better chances-mind you Boro had the best chance of all. What I'll say is Gerrard in the centre looks a better player than Gerrard on the right. Benitez can defend playing him on the right till Spain finally wins the World Cup, saying he's explained it a 100 times. I don't care if he says it a 1000 times, last season is last season, isn't it about time Benitez focuses on this season? Things change, and this season last season's set-up has not worked out well. Just get over it mate!!! After a third of the season you're tactics have failed miserably, now concentrate on fixing it without pouting so much. It's your responsibility, we haven't been unlucky away from home, we've generally just been useless, and ultimately you're the one who has to wear it.


  1. we have played against our 4 main rivals away from home within the first 12 matches of the season, didn't we? and no more excuse to perform poorly on away matches, right?

    call this an excuse or whatever, we held the team who has beaten chelsea and everton at riverside to a goaless draw. hehehehe

  2. Till when can we use that as an excuse....time to win some away matches!! However, this is the start of Gerrard playing in the centre on a more regular basis. It will give us more 'cut and thrust' going forward at the expense of being less defensively secure. I'll take that-this season we've achieved jack all away from home, and conceded in every away match bar this one, so Benitez's concern for protecting the defense has come at the cost of our attacking play given Alonso's dreadful form so far.