Oi!! Liverpool v Portsmouth

So we blow a chance to go 4th. Given our dismal away form this was the perfect match to win-up against a team with an injury record worse then ours, one that hasn't won at Anfield in 55 years, and one which David James aside showed precious little against Newcastle on the weekend. But we draw 0-0.

I don't care that the news report said Portsmouth spent all their time coming up with ingenious tricks to break up play and waste precious minutes. That's their prerogative. Our midfield still had Garcia, Pennant and Gerrard (Carragher the holding player) with Crouch and Kuyt up-front. That's enough fire power to win at home. Face it, MU and Chelsea would have blown Portsmouth away despite their defensive structure. In fact both already have, 3-0 and 2-0 (or was it 2-1?)respectively when Portsmouth were both defensive and with more fit players on board. We struggled to create too many against Man City either on the weekend. People might bleat about the Gunners being unable to break down stacked defences but ours is no different a problem with theirs at home.

I say all this however, without watching the game - Foxtel had MU - Everton on. And MU won 3-0 without Scholes, Giggs and Saha - they showed us how football should be played, with a mix of attacking play and defensive solidity. Mind you, Red Nose Ferguson has in the recent past had rotten luck with injuries. He didn't complain; just got on with the job and they never slipped out of the top 3. Our turn to stop bitching. Despite a rubbish start 3rd is still achievable, and you never know if MU slip up given their lack of depth. In that sense even 2nd could be achievable though that is the drunkard in me talking. It's already a two horse race and the Gunners will still be favourite for 3rd. I hope Spurs don't get their act together...


  1. bajau boy1:07 pm

    my challenge still stands.....a jug of beer for u and vinnie if liverpool miraculously manages to fin fourth....

    btw tennis tis saturday?

  2. You are on!!! Tennis see firstlah, Pan is here from Thailand.

  3. vinnie3:48 pm

    lol, i dont mind giving my half of jug to parv, i'm not a good drinker :P

    ah man, liverpool has been giving me false hope with the excuses we mentioned before. call me a cynic or what, i kinda loss confidence they can achieve top 3 this season. having said that, i hope miracles happen

    you'll never blog alone

  4. relax-the season is long and we are actually steadily improving. Even third, although unlikely is not too far off and as I said if MU suddenly have an injury curse (I'm praying everyday with my voodoo dolls) their lack of depth will cause them big time.

  5. werd, things will turn better if MU couldn't hang on their spot after christmas XD

    btw, read an article from bbc there's speculation of liverpool being taken over. it has been speculated for a while but seems like a take over is imminent

    can liverpool turn into another chelsea by then? new 60,000 capacity stadium, clear off their ₤80m debt, spending ₤30m on any players they like...isn't that too good to be true?


  6. I hope not-teams like MU, Chelsea and Spurs are too beholden to their owners. At least Liverpool and Arsenal are still run by true (rich) fans. The new owner must be a real fan, not a Glazier or an Abramovich. I'd take less success to keep the club within the grasp of the fans, wherever they might be.

    The new stadium wil be fait accompli, irrespective of owners, of that I am sure. But it must not bankrupt us. We don't need 30m to buy players and win-Arsenal have done better with less. They have shown it can be done.