Wigan V Liverpool - Finally an Away Win!!!

And 4-0 to boot. The arrival of Alonso back into the 1st team so Gerrard shunted back to the right with Carragher his central mdfield partner. I was somewhat surprised with that I must say as my first thought upon hearing of the win (Foxtel showed Portsmouth v Villa) was that Gerrard must have been in the centre. In the highlights show I saw Gerrard set up the 2nd and 3rd goals from the centre though, and the 4th (own goal) arose from Gerrard's cross from the right.

Perhaps this is the rub of the green that we need; perhaps it is just a fortunate aberration. Who cares?! I'll take it any day of the week. Bellamy scores as does Kuyt and Crouch is a useful player to have on the bench, and as far as I'm concerned Fowler is still God but these 4 will have to try and be more consistent. As for Gerrard's best position - I think the argument is as good as over as shown by Benitez preferring Carra to him alongside Alonso. Those of us who prefer him in the centre can bleat all we want; Benitez has made clear now that Gerrard will play out wide for the forseable future. I think that has a lot to do with Pennant's disappointing form too, but if we are as dominant as we were against Wigan then Gerrard can and will come inside from time to time and hopefully inject some drive in central midfield that Alonso seems to be failing to provide so far this season.

For now, let me enjoy the moment....

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