The Race Card Again...

Ah, thank god the UMNO general assembly has ended. I've had it with the endless Malay nationalism and Islamic imperialism coupled with thinly veiled threats at non-Malays and non-Muslims. I wonder what the Christians in Sabah UMNO were thinking listening to all that? Joined the wrong party eh? But contracts are contracts, aren't they mate...? Sell your soul to the highest bidder, and you often find that the devil has bottomless pockets.

Time and again Malaysians have to put up with the racist rhetoric of UMNO. Every single general assembly, they bleat of the threat against Malays, against Islam, about how the rest of Malaysia wants to destroy their special rights and privileges. It is said the same occurs in MCA and MIC meestings. God bless them all-what a beautiful partnership made in heaven....

At the end of the day Badawi makes a speech talking about tolerance. The message is clear. Put the genie back in the bottle for we have already told the rest we are the big boss, and if they don't shut up, we'll show them who's boss. As I said before, I don't really know what to make of him, but as usual he has shown me that he has little interest in seriously tackling fundamental issues at the heart of problems afflicting Malaysia, and Malay-Muslim chauvinism is surely one of the most serious issues. He just tinkers around the edges, but if and when push comes to shove, I doubt very much he's the knight in shining armour that moderate Malays, Muslims and the rest seem to think (or rather, blindly hope against hope) that he is.

The main political party in Malaysia remains a racist organisation, and if anything shows signs of becoming more so. If we choose to ignore this fact, then only we can blame ourselves when the Malay chauvinists seize power. What was it said by a Catholic priest about keeping silent against the Nazis-something along the lines of 'when they went after the Jews, we kept quiet. When the went after the Communists, we kept quiet. When they went after the liberals, we kept quiet. When they finally went after us, there was no one else left to shout for us.'


  1. si bajau3:00 pm

    geez man....bikin panas bah listening to all this religious and racial bullshit~~~

    But its not gonna change anytime soon eh?...even if some1 wans 2 do somthing about it, wat is there to do?!!

    its gotten to a point where i believe tat most ppl are afraid to say anything against the powers to be because of tat little devious govermental device we call the "ISA"... and if its not the ISA, than its some other bureaucratic loophole conveniently placed within arms lenthg of the relevant authorities...

    so do we just apply this principle: "if we cant beat them, join them"....or do we just ignore it all and carve out our own piece of paradise?

    the latter wud be an option im leaning towards...

  2. One of my friends is an AJK Pemuda UMNO in Sandakan (lives in Likas...) because an AJK Pemuda UMNO gets a Contractor F license!! He cares nothing for UMNO's racism, but he's got a family to feed, and ultimately money talks and bullshit walks. For as long as the powers that be control the purse strings they'll be hard to beat.

    After all, if we recall the last time the govt was truly threatened was during the financial crisis when suddenly there wasn't enough $$$ to go around. Then we saw just how loyal some were to $$$ rather than their professed ideals. If we can't have $$, can we have some democracy please? Badawi's learnt that lesson well, giving us just enough air to breathe while cutting useless expenditure and telling the grassroots of UMNO not to depend too much on handouts. Hence, lots of people in UMNO are grumbling about him.

  3. i was going to mention this ISA but budak bajau ni beat me to it. anyway, it's basically what shaz and i discussed at the casino that night. that's why we have PBS joining BN

  4. The great British invention to stop the Communist insurgency...Singapore also uses it well. To be fair to Badawi, he has yet to use it-keyword being 'yet.'