Who's The Boss?

So Gerrard says he's had a discussion with Benitez and will play in the centre more frequently. Now Benitez has come out and said hang on guys, I'm the boss-I had the discussion with Gerrard, not the other way around.

Do we care? Should we care? For one thing, as long as Gerrard plays where he can contribute best, I don't care if Mahathir himself made the decision. On the flip-side, barring a Gerrard misquote, does it say something about possible tensions simmering away below the surface? Does Benitez truly have Gerrard's full 100% confidence? Gerrard is an arrogant git. His statement after his backflip about moving to Chelsea, that the club and fans almost lost their best player had me in stitches. Most influential and loved, granted, but Alonso is IMO, a better player. Also Garcia and dare I say it, Kewell, could do things with the ball with their legs tied that Gerrard could never do. It goes to show the enormous amount of self-delusion required to compete at the highest level (including Benitez's seemingly self-delusion...), but also goes to show how Gerrard can miscontrue a discussion initiated by Benitez and think it was his idea and decision.

Maybe it was...


  1. from the critics and your anylysis over the weeks. i can see that benitez is very keras kepala. he wouldn't care to change his strategy until he met the dead end. "ah, i'm sure this will work, i just need time to prove me right" but in the end, time has proven him wrong, by the time he realises that and starts making changes, liverpool is already 14 points behind the league leader

    honestly, everyone could argue who initiated the discussion and never reach a conclusion in donkey years. but like u said, who cares

  2. si bajau2:14 pm

    point agreed vince...

    personally i think his an over-rated player, albeit an indispensable one for liverpool...

    But he does his job to the optimum most of the time, and tat i give him due credit for...

    at the end of the day tat counts, specially in a situation where your key players arent performing as they shud and some are injured...besides i honestly think tat him and alonso in the middle is probably the better combination than sisoko and alonso...

    its immaterial when u think about it cuz the guy is gonna play most of the times anw...barring injuries...

  3. In Ferguson's first few years when MU finished mid-table or worse (10th placing or so) everyone thought he was crazy and had to go-look at them now...the worst we've done under Benitez is 5th and have won the CL and FA Cup in his two years in charge so in comparison he's done better than Ferguson did upon his arrival.

    The difference is expectations have changed considerably. $$$ talks a lot more now and the CL is a major distraction (for Benitez certainly). The 'goal posts' of success have changed, and Benitez needs to achieve a hell of a lot more than Ferguson ever did to even start being compared to him.

    Yeah, Gerrard is over-rated. Agreed, but still a damn fine player. But he'll never hold a candle to Fowler!!!

  4. si bajau3:26 pm