Liverpool v Fulham

A thumping 4-0 win but should we be jumping up and down in delight? I am an eternal pessimist and certainly Fulham is a team capable of collapse so I do think we should temper our 2nd straight thumping win with some reflection.

Pennant having a good game finally might be good for his confidence but how much can be read into it given Fulham's poor showing? As well, how many more penalties must Gerrard miss before we give the responsibility to someone else? Mind you, it is a poisoned chalice, the position of Liverpool penalty taker-maybe no one else wants it!!!

For me Benitez hit the nail on the coffin when he said the more important thing was not that it was our 2nd straight win but that both wins came with clean sheets. Far too often this season we've lacked concentration at the back and now the players seem to be more consistent, especially Reina who seems to be back to his best.

4-0 & I'm bitching!!! Long may it continue but knowing this team, it probably won't...

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  1. vinnie4:50 pm

    3 wins and clean sheets out of 3 after the game against charlton. but i wont hold my breathe just yet, the season is far from finishing. we played well against charlton but were lucky not to concede an early goal or 2. the rest of the story would have been different if the score was tied at 1-1 at half time.

    even the best team has rooms for improvements, so it's natural to hear more bitchings... or constructive criticism i might say. plus, liverpool is far from being the best