Wenger the Ultimate Hypocrite

So Mr. Jogo Bonito plays defensively against Chelsea, just like he did against Porto, and MU this season, and oh, in quite a few matches in the Champions League last season including the final. Oh, and what about the FA Cup final of 2005 against MU? It seemed at times that even Henry was ordered to play behind the ball.

He should just shut up. There is so much to like about him. He uses youth, he spots bargains, he is a master tactician, and 99% of the time, his team plays a game that puts a stereotypical Brazilian side to shame. IMO, the best manager in England since he arrived. It's a pity he is so bloody myopic.

He defended the style of play as he has many young players and have played many 'physical games' recently. Whatever. I think he was right to play a safety first styled 4-5-1 against all the sides he has this season, and the results in the games have been good. But please shut up about Bolton, you hypocrite!!!

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