West Ham V Liverpool

A 2-1 win...comfortable most of the time but for the last 15 minutes. The highlight of a forgettable first 45 minutes was Benitez's fall on the mud but the 2nd half was quite entertaining with 2 fabulous strikes from Kuyt and Crouch. Pennant continues to frustrate though...

A 3-4-3 as in the game against Watford. I'm unsure what to make of it. It's hardly ever used and I'm ignorant as to how teams approach it or indeed, use it. Benitez seems to play it safely from what I saw anyway. Finnan on the right is competent but hardly an attacking option and Risse is still more useful rushing up from left back than left midfield. Gerrard seemed to be deployed as a more defending force alongside Alonso pretty much leaving the front three to their own devices. If I'm right then its a case of everyone more defensive than offensive bar the front three. Then again perhaps Gerrard just had a quiet game, or perhaps I'm not giving West Ham enough credit.

Pennant's the worry though the goal conceded was hardly his fault alone-mind you, he lost the ball too easy in the lead up to their goal then spends his little time arguing with an admittedly crazy Boa Morte. He needs to toughen up mentally.

Oh well, it's a win-why can't I ever be happy with the team?


  1. vinnie9:32 pm

    easy, it's not a convincing win. another example would be the win against chelsea (and most wins i might add).

    on paper, a 2-0 win over chelsea is a dream each and every team in premiere league dieing for but like u said, liverpool played badly but chelsea played it even worse, waaaaay below their par or liverpool standard

  2. if you watched the everton match rather than gone fishing, you wouldn't be so relaxed, believe me.