The Failed DIC Bid

Well, well, well, Moores decides against it, and Rick Parry probably choked on his cereal when he heard. I'm glad, very glad, as DIC owes better to its real investors, the people of Dubai. Football fans they might be, but they've no right IMO to spend hundreds of millions on a football team-just what sort of return were they expecting?

But what about Liverpool now? Looks like it's this Gillett guy but will he stick to his offer (I think it's there on the table in some more or less concrete form). The thing is we'll need to have the funding for Stanley Park in place by March or the city council will withdraw their share of the funding (if I believe right-haven't really been following the story too much). The stadium is very important; the extra bums on seats eases the pressure financially and allows more fans entry.

A decision is needed sooner rather than later. I just hope Moores called it off because there's something better out there, not because he can't let go of the umbilical cord.

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