The Derby-Shit Game, Shit Management

Luis Garcia might be the most frustrating player on our books, but Benitez must be the most frustrating manager in our history. Just when it looks like he's got no clue he pulls a rabbit out of his arse and just when it seems he's on the right track, he pulls a turnip out of the same orifice.

His 4-4-2 line-up with Bellamy on the left (or as shown by the commentary team) looked like a risk worth taking but the countless aimless balls in the air that landed on the heads of very content and competent blue heads for 93 minutes was a classic example of why I feel Benitez isn't they guy for the job. Unlike Mourinho, Wenger or Ferguson who don't die wondering, this frustrating man continued to twiddle his thumbs when it was obvious to all and sundry that the problem was that (a)there was no width on the left and (b) the crosses weren't working. He signed Gonzalez who was on the bench; use him then!!! He backs him through the whole transfer saga but what kind of vote of confidence is this for them young man? No, he takes Bellamy (our best player) out for Fowler. We already lacked pace, and he decides to pretty much reduce the Everton workload in the last few minutes with that substitution.

Useless management was at the fore today; this probably means he'll pull that rabbit out next match-hopefully without that lumbering jackass Alonso. Well, I'm being harsh on Alonso, but what has he done this season really? He needs a break, it'll do him good. Title challenge my arse.


  1. vincenzo3:45 am

    damn, i dont know what to say about rafa.....sounds like another boring repetitive match like before; this time, without goals

    maybe it's fair to say that it was wise (lucky)of me to go fishing, at least i caught a tiny bream

  2. Benitez should have gone fishing too; any other person would have done no worse managing that side. Then he insults Everton calling them a 'small team' and says they were to defensive-trying to deflect attention away from his poor tactics. We were poor in attack and made it easy for the Everton defence.