The Liverpool CL Post-Mortem

Well, lahdeedah....a win (of sorts). Never quite seen a happier set of home supporters celebrating a 1-0 loss but hey, I'll take it!

It was actually quite a good performance, and really, how Liverpool lost I just don't know. Back-to back defeats at home against world class opposition (Barca and MU) whom we outplayed - I find myself rather pleased despite the results because surely this is the way forward. Play well and the goals will eventually come (play Fowler please...).

Arbeloa has played twice against Barca now and has been fabulous. Sissoko still can't pass to a player in a red shirt but has been quite outstanding in the tackle though he needs to cool it somewhat. Pennant is starting to look like a footballer and Bellamy is playing as well as he has ever been. Carragher and Agger are really looking like a unit and Finnan is also playing at his best. Now we need Gerrard and especially Alonso to fire.

PSV looks like the easiest tie, but all sides left in the QFs deserve respect-this time, the favourite tag (noose?) lie with the mighty Liverpool Reds-lets see how the team handles it. We just haven't handled the favourites tag well in the recent past. Also, let's start scoring again.

Gazing into the crystal ball, I foresee Liverpool getting past PSV (just), Bayern edging a toothless AC Milan, MU over an overly-exuberant Roma and a real 50-50 between Chelsea and Valencia. A lot will depend on Terry's fitness, Valencia suspensions after the Inter brawl, and probably a huge dose of luck to one side. I'd rather meet Chelsea in the SF if we get there rather than Valencia-I can just see Morientes scoring the winner deep in injury time to take them through....


  1. Anonymous8:02 pm

    my my aren't we the fortune teller...I'll shout you a lap dance if Liverpool win the Champions League...safe bet I know but I don't want my man to touch any other ass except mine (you know who I am!)

    Love Mr X

  2. Fine-you do that-just don't go telling the missus!!