Liverpool v. Barca Preview

After a weird first leg, I simply cannot wait for this match-hopefully Barca's indifferent form continues and we can bounce back against them after the MU sucker punch. It'll be a fantastic match I'm sure and a real 50-50 battle.

Being my pessimistic self, I still have Barca as slight favourites, even if only because they have to go for it, and that is when they are at their best. We lack pace at the back, and surely that is what Barca will attempt to take advantage of. I expect Giuly to play at least some part in the match out on the right to get behind what would surely be two blocks of defensive lines.

No Mascherano and Arbeloa for the MU match suggests that they have some role to play in this match. Arbeloa I thought performed brilliantly against Barca at the Nou Camp and Mascherano, match fitness aside, is a very good player who can hold up the ball well. I think the former will start and the latter will come off the bench.

It'll be interesting to see how the team shapes up-I couldn't decipher the shape in the Nou Camp match-just where was Arbeloa, Risse and Bellamy playing? Seemed like 3 on the left to me!! I think we won't be too defensive but will be cautious enough and in that sense it'll be a 4-4-1-1 probably. I'm not guessing the line-up because I can see Arbeloa playing but not where he will play. Will Finnan or Gerrard start on the right? If the former then will Gerrard play in the hole with Bellamy on the bench or the left?

We'll soon find out.


  1. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Barca rested players so they'd be frsh...it will be a ding dong battle if they score first..if not you would think even the Red scoreless Barons might score against a team flooding forward needing to score?????

  2. we need fowler to play again-the other three clowns can't score for shit...