Liverpool v. MU - I just knew it!!!

Call me pessimistic but I just knew we would lose 1-0 to an injury time goal. I suppose low expectations reduce disappointment levels but the fact is, till we get a 20 goal a season striker we're not going to challenge for the league much less win the bloody thing!! A good performance; one of the best of the season, and to a certain extent we were unlucky but the ball must be put away, pure and simple.

Chances need to be taken and we don't do it often enough. Not since Owen have we had a 20 goal a season striker. Kuyt is too profligate, Bellamy's no finisher, Crouch is nuisance value and only Le God can score efficiently, as long as we have Beckham crossing the ball to his feet in the 6 yard box. Now we have signed a Ukrainian striker for next season-in Rafa we trust? Nunez, Josemi, Pellegrino, Palletta suggests he is a real 50-50 proposition; no more than that.

Congrats to MU-lucky sure, but over the season they've earned it-if only they didn't do it at Anfield!! At least this may piss Abramovich enough to pack his bags and go on home.


  1. parv rigged the match, that's why he knew how the game is gonna played :P

    relaks bah....just kidding...look forward to the barca match!

  2. aisshhh....Kelong FC ah?

  3. Anonymous5:10 pm

    You bludgers were never going to win were you! Lets hope Abromo goes home but leaves his money!!! Man U will win it without a 20 goal striker, so there goes that excuse also.

  4. And Chelsea will lose it with a 20 goal a season striker. Still, if you read carefully, I wasn't claiming getting a 20 goal a season striker will win the championship-I said it will help in challenging for the title.