Australia v Argentina 11 September

So the Argies name a squad strong enough to win the WC to play at the MCG-what about us?

1. We have a lame duck coach (Arnold) who's effectively been sacked pending a new replacement (Advocaat) coming in.

2. We also give the lame duck the Olyroos role, and they have two important qualifiers close to September 11 (on either side of the match) so what will he concentrate on?

3. He can't be asked surely to use some Olyroos due to fatigue and possible injury, but if he does not give them a go, he'll get roasted. If he plays the best side, he'll get attacked for not giving youth. If he gives youth a go, he'll be attacked when they get smashed and/or an Olyroo gets injured. If he selects a mismash of European based and local league players a go (missing locally based Olyroos) he'll probably be criticised for selecting some players that actually have little chance of future selection anyway?

4. We win and he's still sacked. We lose and he's a goose. Who wants to be Graham Arnold?

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