Does Liverpool Need to Dip into the Transfer market Again?

I thought the fat Spanish waiter said the squad was strong enough already, then when both Hyppia and Carragher get crocked (leaving Agger on his own), we apparently do not have a 4th central defender!!! Wassup with that Rafa? If indeed Palletta was so poor then why sell him without getting a replacement? As we saw with Chelsea last season a 4th CD is essential, even if he's not a specialist but one that has, and does occasionally, play there. Not just Chelsea but MU were crocked against Milan last season when they had Vidic, Ferdinand, Brown (?!) and Silvestre all out - ok, that was really BAD luck to have all 4 out...

We see now that Mourinho has ensured that bar a disaster they have able back-ups in CD. At this stage of the season, if Rafa does decide he needs back-up where does he plan to find one who good enough and happy enough to warm the bench without paying a fortune, since everyone knows we need a CD?

Not very smart of the newly goateed one-if we don't get one who's the 4th choice CD? Sissoko slotted in there against Sunderland but he's too much of a psycho to be trusted in that role. Mascherano maybe but he does not seem the tallest. Arbeloa and Risse at a stretch but that's what Chelsea had to do with Essien and/or Ferreira last season and MU with Heinze and O'Shea-it just won't do!!

Here's hoping they'll be no gaping holes in the middle of defence this season...I just got the sinking feeling however that we'll be well and truly roasted there...

BTW, WTF is Wenger thinking loaning Djorou to Birmingham? Now Gallas is out till October and Senderos got injured so poor old Gilberto has to slot in there, yet again. Not very smart either.

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