Teflon Rudd-Does Anything Ever Stick on Him?

Kevin Rudd, it seems, can do no wrong and this is infuriating Little Johnny and his ertswhile sidekicks. Well, it's not strictly true-he can do wrong; it's just that the electorate seems not too care one iota!!! Personally, I think his policy to project himself as a younger version of Little Johnny Howard has worked a treat-there's not much that the govt can attack him with except say that if he wants to behave like the govt itself ('echo-nomics') then stick with us, the mob that have delivered the economic goodies....

Problem is, it does not matter what they say, it is evidently clear to me that change is in the air. The Coalition might still win (I think they will) but will limp home dangerously injured, and maybe without Little Johnny if Macine McKew pulls off the improbable. It'll be a lame duck govt waiting for annihilation in the next federal election. No one trusts that Howard will stay on another full term (if he gets re-elected), the rats will try to desert the sinking ship (off to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry....) and those staying on will have ambitions of forming govt after a spell in the opposition.

Of course, Rudd can't fool all the people all the time, and after a while, he will be seen as an the opportunistic snivelling bastard that he really is...actually I think people do know that, they just don't want Little Johnny anymore....

Is there no one better than Rudd to take the helm?


  1. John Humphreys3:44 pm

    Emerson is better for the ALP... but not likely. On the Lib side -- Turnbull is the best. Both should quit their crappy parties.

    The Chamber of Commerce & Industry doesn't employ many people, and doesn't pay that much. Ex-pollies are much more likely to look for positions with the bureacracy (foreign posting, heading a review etc).

  2. You're nuts if you think Turnbull would even be given a chance to be a leader. One needs to be believable (to the populace at least) to be GIVEN a chance to lead. If a merchant banker ever gets the chance to lead this nation then Bob's my uncle. A bit before my time in Australia, but wasn't Hewson something like Turnbull? I doubt the Liberals would be re-visiting that anytime soon, and if he forms his own party, he still can't govern. And thank God for that!!!