Aaah, Cricket's Back-Who's The Racist Eh?

India v. Australia - the bitching, the sledging, the controversial umpiring decisions, the racism, and oh yes, a bit of cricket here and there. Summer's back in town innit?

Once again, we should prepare to witnes the Indian's 'we have done no wrong' cricketers in action while the Aussies have no doubt been prepped incessantly to do no sledge, or even give the enemy a funny look....all this cricketing $$$ floating in India you see...maybe we should make sure they win as well....

Inside Cricket had Harbhajan Singh's interview where he proclaimed he is proud to be Punjabi, proud to be Sikh. Accepted at face value by pretty much all and sundry, no one I know claims that to be supremacist or the like. But now imagine if Hayden proclaimed he is proud to be white, proud to be Catholic....

Aaaah, I cannot wait for the first ball to be delivered-bet it'll be a bouncer...let the games begin!!!

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