Aaah, The Social Contract Rears Its Ugly Head Again....

Every now and then, the so-called protectors of Malays and Islam, whomever they seem to be (usually UMNO and the Sultans) come out with statements to make those of us who believe in equality shudder in fear. DO NOT QUESTION THE SOCIAL CONTRACT!!!

Well, I have had it....ask Ungku Aziz, what social contract exactly? The one about about safeguarding special Malay rights, the use of the Malay language or the one that says Malays must be privileged in all facets of social, political and economic life that seems to be applicable post-May 13?

People need to understand that the NEP is not the social contract!

Where does the constitution say that a Malay is superior to a non-Malay? Where does it say we must all shut up and bow down to the 'protectors' of the Malays? UMNO certainly is no legal protectors of the Malays. The Sultans are, and my oh my, how wonderfully well have they defended their bangsa and agama...

Under their benevolent watch, we have seen the poor rural Malay villager get next to nothing over the years, but under their watch we have seen the Umnoputeras enrich themselves, gorging from a financial buffet paid for by poor Malays and the pendatangs. Under their watch, we have seen how these Umnoputeras go to Mecca and use the term Haji and yet continue their corrupt behaviour. Not only that, but these male, unelected protectors who find themselves so fortunate to be born into royalty are by and large also living off the largesse of the poor Malays and pendatangs while they 'concern' themselves about their subjects. Not too mention that they are also the protectors of Islam yet how many of them in their private lives choose to freely ignore the tenets of their religion?

The opposition got a bloody nose from them-yesterday the sultans told the opposition that they know who supplies them with their gravy train, and its not Anwar and Co. So much for looking at the royalty for support-for why should these unelected, unaccountable people support democracy and accountability? Why should they dilute their own power? Wake up people!!! Since when, in the history of humanity, have the interests of the people coincided with that of their unelected royalty?

The route to power lies in the hands of the people-March 8 was a powerful lesson for all vested interests. Masses of people voted for the opposition irrespective of race or religion. PAS supporters yelling makkal sakhti and Chinese waving PAS flags. This must have caused massive fear among the vested interests.

What we have seen in the last few months has been the use of the race card to once again divide and rule the populace, but as Permatang Pauh showed, and now BN's concession at Kulim magnifies, it has not worked. The more Teresa Kok is demonised, the more support she garners. The usual weapons have proven impotent in the face of people power.

It was time for the big guns-the sultans!!! Rightfully or wrongly, the much respected sultans. As usual, they have shown that they will act at the behest of those who provide them with their salaries-from the British and now to UMNO, what do they really care for protecting their bangsa and agama? Not too much, I daresay. They can hang their heads in shame in comparison with PAS who, whether I agree with their platform or not, do actually carry out their religious tenets and promote Malay rights as part of universal rights, not as a Machiavellian 'I-win-you-lose' mentality.

If this does not work, then I wonder whether it'll be time for the nuclear weapons-a repeat of May 13 that is. Probably not-a repeat of Operasi Lallang is more likely first.

Sometimes I wonder if I should not go back home. At times like this, I truly appreciate living in a country where I am judged by my character, not my bangsa and agama. All talk of a Bangsa Malaysia is just hot air, till we start treating people as equals and not as first or second class citizens. Part of that process would mean ignoring the sultans as well as UMNO. We've learnt to do the latter; the former however will be much harder to do. Hundreds of years of tradition, culture and brainwashing will ensure that.

True power lies in the hands of the people-do not be distracted by the divide and rule policies of the ruling classes.

Makkal Sakhti people, it should not just be a slogan. It should be practiced.

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