How did my predictions go for the election?

RPK put forth 13 correct predictions after results were out. Made me think how I went. Not too bad for a guy living far away from home relying on social media and Internet reportings.

Perlis. 50-50 advantage PR. Outcome, BN whitewash. Dead wrong.

Kedah. 50-50 advantage BN with the Mukhriz factor and pissed off Chinese PR supporters with Azizan's racist rule. Outcome, BN wins. Correct.

Penang. Continued strong mandate for PR but lose some seats. Outcome, status quo largely maintained. PR did better than I thought.

Perak. 50-50 BN advantage due to the fact they had to rule well and scaremongering that a PR govt is simply a DAP, and hence Chinese puppet. Outcome as predicted. Tiny BN win and opposition basically just DAP+.

Selangor. Expecting massive fraud and a close fight but a thin PR win. Outcome, clear victory for PR. Also where the 3 PR component parties are equally matched. Only hope now is that Azmin Ali does not become Menteri Besar.

KL. Status quo but Nurul Izzah gone for sure. What a pleasant surprise! Take that Azmin Ali....

NS. 50-50 with advantage to PR. Dead wrong. Again only DAP did well suggesting that the race fearmongering has had some traction.

Melaka. Status quo. As predicted but see you later Ali Rustam!

Johore. Inroads to be made but defeat for LKS. Seats won as expected and LKS smashes BN!

Pahang. Small gain but still far from ever threatening BN. So it proved though some very small majorities for BN in some seats that probably would have gone the other way had the election been totally free and fair. And I include in that an unbiased EC, a fair mainstream media and proper postal votes.

Terengganu. 50-50 advantage BN. Very accurate prediction.

Kelantan. Status quo but BN to make inroads. As expected.

Sarawak. Status quo of 2011 state election outcome, and so it proved. Rural areas remain a BN stronghold. PKR totally out of its depth.

Sabah. 2 seats max for parliament due to split votes, without which up to 10. 3 seats won and could have been around 7-8. Not too far off. State seats: very few due to split votes but STAR to pick up a few. In the end 12 seats, more than I thought and dearie me, could have denied Bn2/3rds had votes not been split. STAR very disappointing performance. SAPP I expected could not translate grassroots support to votes as their core strength is also DAP's and they went with the party with the greater ability to project power.

Overall prediction. Status quo to remain and so it proved.

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