Quick Musings of the Aftermath of PRU 13

1. PR needs to concentrate on West Malaysia. It lacks the resources to fight BN nationwide. This means:
2. East Malaysian parties need to stop calling PR as parti Malaya and equating their components to BN. First, it is false because BN includes local parties. Second, because you guys need each other. Suck it up and do a deal. Quite a few seats fell to BN because of he vote split. Happened in 2008 and now in 2013. What's that saying again? 'Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me'. Up to you guys to learn. If you don't, then why on earth do you expect different results? Finally, like it or not the people have spoken. And they say we are quite happy to vote for parti Malaya. Deal with it!
3. East Malaysia is important because I fear the Malay heartland will never truly be anything other than UMNO strongholds. This leads to my next point.
4. It would be stupid not to talk of racial polarisation. We can call it a city-rural divide but such is Malaysia's reality we cannot run away from this. Time to talk to each other, not past each other.
5. Najib's position. Is he safe? Is a simple majority now enough to keep him in power. If not, what next?
6. Govt is now, more than ever UMNO+. How can Najib set up a representative cabinet? Should he? Democracy suggests he should give almost all seats to UMNO people, and that is only fair. He will then be accused of being a racist. If he gives other parties many cabinet seats he will piss off his people, and rightly so. Can't win on this one.
7. Bad governments should suffer in the polls. A bad BN federal govt lost seats and PAS got turfed out of Kedah. Well done.
8. Seat gerrymandering is the single biggest cause of BN's victory with 4-5 rural seats per urban seat population wise. PR has never made this an issue, I suspect because it is linked to race (or if you are of poor constitution, a city-rural divide). We need more accountability with regard o how seats are created. This should become an issue.
9. The winner was always going to be in big trouble in terms of carrying out their promises. This is a big issue for Najib now. Waytha, see you in he'll. You'll get jackshit now that BN will go for the Chinese vote.
10. Azmin Ali failed to get Nurul Izzah knocked off her perch. His ambition of taking over PKR remains threatened. But will he be the new Selangor Menteri Besar? Bad, bad choice that.
11. I look forward to BN KDM parties continue to threaten a Sabah IC programme. What's that you say? You are busy? Oh, I see....maybe in 5 years ah?

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